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Andy Harper - Artist  / Lecturer

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Gallery contact

I consign works to various galleries worldwide and they have exclusive rights to represent me with those works. Listed below are some of the galleries who have major works of mine from the past 5 years and been particularly supportive of my practice. Please do contact them for details.

Contact: Client
patrick heide.jpg

I have worked closely with Patrick Heide for over a decade and devised three solo exhibitions at his gallery in London. Patrick also presents my work at numerous fairs internationally.

Waterhouse and Dodd represent my work in New York city, and have plans to present a new body of work from the parallel botany series at a number important art fairs in the U.S. this autumn.

I have worked with Carol since 2008, first with Danese Corey in NYC and now at her new space in Kent, Connecticut.


Recently I held a show of the Parallel Botany works in the spring of 2022 -  link>

I also work on special projects with a number of galleries and curators, including Anima Mundi, James Freeman amongst others.

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